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American Rescue Act (H.R. 1319)
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$300 million for animal surveillance for COVID

120% debt payoff for "Socially Disadvantaged farmers and ranchers"

White people excluded. 

$1.01 billion in additional support for socially disadvantaged farmers, ranchers, forest land owners and operators, and groups

No less than $50 million to fund outreach and training for these groups

No less than $50 million to buy land for these groups

No less than $5 million for "equity commissions" to "address racial equity issues within the Department of Agriculture and its programs"

No less than $50 million to fund scholarships and internships for these groups 

$25 million to develop online food stamp purchases

$390 million to modernize the WIC program

Additional $39.6 billion for Higher Education Relief

Additional $91.1 million for Student Aid administration

Additional $35 million for Howard University

Total so far from all three relief bill is $319 million. Howard's endowment is over $650 million

$135 million for the National Endowment for the Arts, $135 million for the National Endowment for the Humanities

Total from all three relief bills for each: $377.5 million

$200 million for the Institute of Museum and Library Services

$200 million for OSHA, MSHA, and other occupational regulation agencies

$852 million for the Corporation for National and Community Service

$1 billion for "Vaccine Confidence Activities"

Increased Obamacare subsidies

$750 million for global health funding (outside of the US).

Typically this funding is attached to the Helms Amendment, which prohibits funds from being used for abortions abroad. No such restrictions included in this bill. 

$7.6 billion for community health centers

Typically this funding is attached to the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits taxpayer funds for abortion. No such restrictions were included in this bill. 

$50 million for Title X Family Planning

Planned Parenthood withdrew from this program after the Trump administration enacted anti-abortion requirements, but has announced they're rejoining now that the Biden administration has removed them. 

$20 million for Obamacare Exchanges

Additional $4.5 billion for Low Income Home Energy Assistance

Additional $500 million for the Water Assistance Program

$21.55 billion in emergency rental assistance

With $30 million for administrative costs

$5 billion in emergency housing vouchers

$10 billion for small business support with prioritization given to the "socially disadvantaged"

$1.5 billion earmarked for socially disadvantaged individuals

$1 billion set aside for an incentive program that "under which the Secretary shall increase the second 1⁄3 and last 1⁄3 allocations for States that demonstrate robust support, as determined by the Secretary, for business concerns owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals in the deployment of prior allocation amounts"

$500 million for "technical assistance" to businesses, "with priority given to business enterprises owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals, to very small businesses and business enterprises owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals"

$30.4 billion in federal transit administration grants

For the purposes of: 

    Reimbursement for payroll of public transportation

    Paid administrative leave of operations or contractor personnel due to reductions in service.

$570 million for the Emergency Federal Employee Leave Fund

$77 million for the Government Accountability Office

Additional $40 million for the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee

$12.8 million for the White House COVID measures

Almost $13 million to sanitize one building. 

$960 million for FEMA

$650 million for Cybersecurity And Infrastructure Security

$200 million for the United States Digital Service

$1 billion for the Technology Modernization Fund

$100 million for Community Navigators (relief program advertisers)

Additional $75 million for a multi-lingual call center for relief program info, and an ad campaign

$1.25 billion for Shuttered Venue Operators

$840 million for relief program administrative expenses. $460 million for administration of the disaster loan program

$3 billion for "economic adjustment assistance"

"The EAA program provides a wide range of technical, planning, and public works and infrastructure assistance in regions experiencing adverse economic changes that may occur suddenly or over time".

$100 million for pollution disparate impact studies

"$50,000,000 shall be for grants, contracts, and other agency activities that identify and address disproportionate environmental or public health harms and risks in minority populations or low-income populations"

$105 million for the US Fish and Wildlife Service

Additional $1.7 billion for the National Railroad Passenger Corporation

$970,388,160 in Northeast Corridor grants, $729,611,840 in National Network grants

$8 billion in relief for airports

$9 million paid leave program for FAA employees

$13 million paid leave program for TSA employees

$3 billion in payroll support for aviation industry workers

$14 billion in payroll support grants for air carriers

Additional $1 billion for contractors, and $10 million for administrative costs

$50 million for the Consumer Product Safety Fund

To protect people from catching COVID from consumer goods. 

$7.2 billion for an Emergency Connectivity Fund

Internet connectivity.

$30.4 million for the FTC

$600 million for the National Science Foundation, $150 million for the National Institute of Standards and Technology

$175 million for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

$1400 Stimmy Checks

Prisoners and illegal immigrants eligible. Dems Agree to Provide 'COVID Relief' Checks to Prisoners and Illegal Aliens by Beth Baumann (

$86 billion to bail out distressed pension funds

Bailing out the unions: Covid relief bill gives $86 billion bailout to failing union pension plans (

$250 million for COVID "state strike teams"

$350 billion to bail out state and local governments

$219.8 billion for state and tribal governments

$130.2 billion to bail out city/local governments

$10 billion for the "Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund"

"To carry out critical capital projects directly enabling work, education, and health monitoring, including remote options"

$2 billion for the Local Assistance and Tribal Consistency Fund

"An eligible revenue sharing county or an eligible Tribal government may use funds provided under a payment made under this section for any governmental purpose other than a lobbying activity"

$8.5 billion for health care providers

No Hyde Amendment restrictions attached. 

$204 million for the Department of State

Additional $41 million for International Development operations

$8.68 billion in global response funds

$500 million for Migration and Refugee Assistance

$900 million for the Bureau of Indian Affairs